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Frankie Flores is an Ordained Minister of Sacred Arts, Reiki Master and Shaman Teacher.

Author of the book “FREEDOM” living a life of spiritual freedom, Frankie lives with a passion for helping others to connect with their own inner strength and power using the ancient art of breathwork, meditation, Reiki, Shamanic Healing and powerful spiritual…

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Shamanism as I teach it is a way of centering yourself and becoming very familiar with your own personal power and Sacred space. Everything you need is already inside of you and is just waiting to gently surface as you live your life in a very natural way.Read More


Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing that was founded by Mikao Usui . Universal energy flows through all things and we learn to consciously flow with this sacred energy for healing of the mind body and spirit. Reiki energy is both powerful and gentle, one of the greatest gifts we may give ourselves and Read More


Life is better together! First join our face book page and you will be connected with like minded people from around the world who share their good thoughts of self and world healing! It is truly a place to rest and be nurtured and to celebrate life.Read More

FREEDOM Living a life of spiritual freedom
by Frankie Flores (Author)

Your reading this for a reason. The time is now and you are loved far more than you’ve ever dreamed of. Life is a gift and Your life is a gift. It is time to uncover your strength, your love, and your power. This book is a helper along your path. It is time to break free from addictions that cover up who you truly are. It is time for your Soul light to shine!

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